In the work of Léon de Caluwé change and change processes have been the leading subject. He worked as a change consultant for almost thirty years. He consulted for hundreds of clients in all sectors, taught in dozens of programmes and published about the subject.

The color theory of change became very popular as an overview of the prevailing thoughts about change.

He published a book with Hans Vermaak: “Learning to Change. A Guide for Organization Change Agents” in 2003 at Sage Publications. This book provides a comprehensive overview of organizational change theories and practices. The authors compare and contrast five fundamentally different ways of thinking about change: yellow print thinking, blue print thinking, red print thinking, green print thinking, and white print thinking. They also discuss in detail the steps that change agents take, such as diagnosis, change strategy, the intervention plan, and interventions. In addition, they explore the attributes of a successful change agent and provide advice for career and professional development. The book includes case studies that describe multiple approaches to organizational change issues.

In 2007 a new book is published by Jaap Boonstra and Léon de Caluwé: Intervening and Changing: looking for meaning through interactions. The book contains a variety of new and rather experimental interventions for change, like: narratives, learning history, future search, appreciative inquiry, open space etc. The book is published at Wiley in April 2007.


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